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Karissa Shannon is former Playboy Playmate, twin sister of Kristina Shannon. Her sex tape (with actor Sam Jones III) has been released October 2010. Karissa also had made a sex tape with Heidi Montag...
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Interracial Porn Story

When Bethany slept that night she noticed her throat was a bit sore. At first she thought she might be coming down with a cold. Then she realized it must have been the chlorine from the pool. And yeah, maybe a cock or two might have irritated it, but she'd never admit it.

The evening couldn't come quick enough for her. She wondered what the Black Bowling Congress had in store for her at the theater. She dressed to the nines--black high heels, stockings, a red summer dress, and even put her hair up. She looked very sophisticated. Her parents had a function at the church that night, so they never saw their little girl leave the house in her sexy outfit.

When a cab she called for arrived, she told the cabby her destination. He sort of looked at her funny, wondering why a gorgeous girl like her would want to go there. When they arrived, she soon understood his strange face. It was a porno theatre. She quickly paid him and ducked in through the glass doors. She showed the usher the ticket and he laughed. "Women are admitted free of charge," he said, "go right in; sit anywhere you please. The refreshment stand is on the left and the ladies room is on the right.

It was nearly pitch black in the theater even though the light from the movie threw occasional beams she still had to wait for her eyes to adjust to the new surroundings.

She felt someone take her elbow. "Hello Bethany." It was Foley.

"Oh, hi!"

"Come sit wit' us. We're all in da back row."

He guided her to their seats. He sat on her left and introduced Virgil and Ty, both seated to her right. She could barely make out their faces. They were all watching the screen. A beautiful bleach blonde with fake boobs was having her asshole worked over by a black stud with a cock that had to be a foot long. "Monty probably won't make it on a counta business," said Foley.

As Bethany's eyes adjusted to the darkness, she noted that the movie house was nearly empty--just several heads in the mostly unaccompanied men in the rows ahead of them. Foley and crew were in a very secluded area.

"So you're the girl I been hearing all the good things about?" Virgil quietly said.

She looked to him and nodded with a smile.

"We hear you like black cock..."

She shook her head. "Oh, I think like is too weak a word--I fucking WORSHIP black cock."

"Well, Miss Bethany, my name is Virgil," then he took her hand and kissed it. "And here's your object of desire..." and Virgil placed her hand in his crotch. "Play with your toy while I watch that dumb bitch blonde starlet get fucked right by the brother!"

Bethany eyes grew large as she watched the movie while rubbing her hand in Virgil crotch. Her nails found the zipper and soon she had gathered up and freed his warm, damp shaft and balls into the dark, musty atmosphere of the porn palace. He was hardening quickly. She looked over to Foley and smiled. "He's got a nice one, like yours..." she said, "...nice and big and hard!"

"Wouldja like t' stroke mine, too," Foley stated more than asked.

"Sure thing," said the young cheerleader. At just eighteen, Bethany never thought she'd be doing something as nasty as this--jerking off two black guys (one a total stranger) in a seedy downtown porn theater. And yet, since she'd been introduced to the pleasures of black cock, she almost couldn't imagine a time when she wasn't doing these depraved acts.

Both cocks were hard now and secreting pre-cum which helped to lubricate her soft and gentle hands as they lovingly massaged and stroked the black men. "Gee, I wish I had another free hand for Ty's cock," said Bethany.

"That's quite awright, you'll have a turn wit' me soon 'nuf!" retorted Ty. At twenty-two, he was the youngest male in the Congress, two years younger than Virgil and at least 10 years younger than Foley the janitor.

Virgil reached over and began caressing Bethany's full breast and suggested she slide down a bit and rest her legs on the backs of the empty seats in front of her so he could rub her pussy. When she did, he carefully ran his fingers under her dress and pulled her panties down. He began to slowing and lightly masturbate her already wet pussy. Soon he had managed to pull her delicate undies completely off and tossed them under the seat like a used tissue.

Foley put an arm around the girl and she turned to kiss him. His tongue poked down her throat and she licked and sucked on it, moaning as she continued jerking the cocks of both her lovers.

Virgil found her clit and worked it over with his fingers. The action on the screen aroused him further as the blonde starlet gladly accepted a mighty facial from the giant black cock of her co-star. "Wow, what a load!" he said. Bethany looked up, amazed as the black actor rubbed his frothy cum into the starlet's face using his cock like an artist's brush. She just gleamed up back at him, elated to have been his canvas.

"I know just how that girl feels," Bethany couldn't resist saying.

"And how do ya think she feels?" Foley asked.

"Like she's the luckiest girl on the planet to have been sexy enough to get her black lover's attention and keep it until he was able to physically show his appreciation for her beauty and skills by dousing her beautiful face with his fresh sperm."

"Hmmm..." said Virgil.

Foley now had one of her breasts exposed and lowered his head to nibble on it. "Mmmmmmmm, you guys really know how to make a girl feel special."

"Ya ain't seen nuthin' yet!" said Ty and he stood up and passed by Virgil. He lifted Bethany's shapely leg and slipped past so that he stood facing her. He leaned over her, resting his arms on the back wall partition. "I got a special job fo' a special bitch. Now git to work, you here." His crotch was right in her face. In half a breath she unzipped his fly, grabbed his cock out and stuffed the spongy head in her mouth. Her hand then returned to attending to Virgil's hard-on.

Her nostrils filled with his musky aroma and she welcomed deeps breaths, filling her lungs, making herself a bit light-headed as she continued to lap his cock head and shaft as it grew and swelled. He tasted incredible--certainly the best flavor of cock she had yet sampled but thought better of expressing herself in front of the others.

While she worked all three cocks, Virgil was slowly building her to an orgasm with his skilled manipulation of her slippery clit. With her head resting against the back of her seat and Ty's crotch bearing down on her, she was unable to bob her head.

But it responded nonetheless. Boy, did it respond. He was huge. The cock head was certainly the largest she'd ever seen. Fully hard now, she really had to stretch her mouth to get around it. The shaft was not super long--maybe six or seven inches--nor was it super thick. About average she thought to herself. "Git it good and wet. You'll want it that way, believe me, little girl!" said Ty.

Bethany began to pant, nearing an orgasm. Uncontrollable moans rose deep from her throat while she continued lapping ever inch of Ty's luscious cock she could reach with her tongue. "I think she's getting close, Ty," Virgil said, feeling Bethany's cunt begin to buck and gyrate against his hand.

"Listen up, then girl. When you're ready to cream yo'self, you take my cock to the hilt. Got it?" Ty instructed.

Bethany nodded as she moaned. She knew it was imminent and quickened her tongue-bathing of Ty's mouth-watering cock. Completely agitated and restlessness, her perfect ass lifted from the seat. This was the moment.

She opened her mouth wide and Ty took the bait, plunging his cock-- large head and all--right down the girl's throat, cutting off her air supply. An inconceivable feeling came over her.

The lack of oxygen brought a lightheaded and dizzy sensation which heightened the euphoric rush. She came and came and came in wave after wave after wave. Ty just stood there knowingly with a smug grin. His big cock head work wonders in girls' throats. He knew she was loving it, like so many of the other women who felt prey to his throat-clogging weapon. For balance, Bethany held on to the cocks she'd been jerking off as her cuny juices actually gushed forth so forcefully they not only soaked her dress, seat, and thighs, but also wet Ty's pants and Virgil's arm.

When she could take no more, she pushed Ty off with both hands and gasped loudly enough to turn several men's heads in other aisles. Unable to see much of anything except a shadow or two, their attention soon returned to the big screen as another blonde knelt before two huge black cocks spurting simultaneous loads into her face and open mouth.

"That was phenomenal! WOW!" exclaimed the cheerleader, nearly collapsing in her seat. "I've never, EVER orgasmed like that! For being so attentive to me, I'd like to return the favor. Please may I make each of you nut for me?"

"Oh, you are most definitely gonna make us cum. Why don't you freshen up in the ladies room and then meet us in the lobby."

Bethany's face looked a mess in the cracked mirror of the grimy restroom. Her make-up and eye liner needed attention as well as her hair. She washed up as best she could and in short order, had herself looking like an alluring model although there wasn't much she could do about her dress which showed a large wet area around her ass. Capping off her "new face" with a rich dark red lip gloss, she walked to the dimly lit lobby.

"I'm soaked, guys. Look at the stain on my ass."

"Don't fret," said Virgil. While they were waiting, he had retrieved a hoody from his car and tied it around her waist using the sleeves.

"Thanks," she said.

"Okay, now we'd like you to come with us in Virgil's car. We are going to drive you way out into the suburbs in the next town and show you off to the white folks."

"Could I stop home first and change out of this dress?"


They dropped her off on a corner a few blocks from her house so no neighbors would see her in a car with three black men.

* * *

At home, Bethany took a quick "sink bath," brushed her hair and teeth, and found some appropriate clothes--a black micro-mini, a red spaghetti-string top, and high heels. She thought it best to dispense with her undergarments. She already lost a pair in the porno house.

Outside she tied the hoody around her waist again to conceal the mini from any noisy neighbors and walked purposely back to the corner where she was dropped off at. Virgil's car pulled away from the curb about half a block away and she promptly ducked in, hoping no one she knew saw her.

She sat in the rear seat with Foley. "Wow, you look fresh and hot, Bethany," said Ty, turning from the front seat to ogle her.

"Thank you. Now what delicious adventure have you men devised for this evening?"

"Well, we were going to take you downstairs in the theatre to a special room they have set up but being as Monty wasn't there and he's the one who knows the owner, we will have to do it another time," said Virgil.

"What's so special about the room?"

"You'll just have to wait until another time. It'll be a surprise."

"For now, we'd thought we'd shake things up in the 'burbs."

It took about 45 minutes to reach the suburbs in the next town. During the ride, Bethany entertained herself with Foley's cock. She sucked on it in the back seat until both her pussy and his cock were sopping wet. Then she pulled up her micro and sat in his lap on the driver side of the car, impaling herself with his ten incher.

The excitement of doing it in a car as it was being driving around in public added thrills to their fucking. Foley was rock hard and she was taking every inch he could offer her and she unmercifully bounced on it.

At a stop light, Virgil pulled up next to a UPS truck and caught the attention of the driver. He could clearly see the action inside the car and could only smile, wide-eyed and shake his head.

Foley began to moan. "I know that sound, Foley. You're getting ready to shoot. Wanna empty it in my mouth?" asked Bethany.

"Naw, I want yo' t'jerk it off in yo' face."

Bethany lifted herself off his lap and carefully repositioned herself so that she was facing him, at his side, sitting on her knees, and leaning her face to his crotch. She grasped his dark rod, wrapping those immaculately manicured fingers around it, and tugging it.

She still hadn't lost her fascination with the sight of black cock and studied her handiwork with a child's curiosity and she pumped it. The slickness, the protruding veins, the proud, menacing head, the seeping slit, the overpowering aroma, the dark skin of the shaft--just everything about it enthralled her.

His precum had rivered down his shaft and onto her hand, coating her fingers and long red nails. Her breath met his cock and tingled the warhead. She knew he could take much more and began to tickle his moist balls with the nails of her other hand. "Make me a big batch, Foley," she egged on.

That was the trigger. "Arrrrrgh!" moaned Foley and fired brisk streams of spunk in rapid succession, soiling her face in an instant. The thick goo clung to her nose, cheeks, chin, and lips. She managed to aim it away from her eyes. "Good boy!" encouraged Bethany, "that's what I'm talking about!"

Virgil watched in his rearview mirror and nudged Ty. He stopped at another red light, pulling up alongside a white guy in an SUV. Virgil tooted his horn and the white guy nervously looked over to the black man. By moving his eyebrows in a way as to suggest direction, Virgil indicated to the white guy to look in the back.

"Hey, Bethany, take a look out the window," he told her and moved the car so that the back seat window was even with the white guy's front side window. She rose up to see and smiled to him, proudly displaying her cum-stained face. She then mouthed the words: I LOVE BLACK COCK and gathered some cum with a finger and sucked it off.

She then pursed her lips and squished her face against the window, smearing cum on it. She smiled and then began licking it off the glass.

The light changed and she waved goodbye. Ty laughed and said, "Woo, that was nasty, girl. I fuckin' love it!"